date bins - dynamic Group the dates into bins of N days starting from a chosen date.  Example: Starting at 1/1/2015 bin the first 7 days, then the next 7 days and so on.  What are the sales for each of those bins?
previous workday Create a relative filter that shows the previous workday.  On Sunday it should show Friday.
rounding minutes to quarters Round each date to the NEAREST 15 minute interval.
workdays between 2 dates Calculate the workdays between two dates.
active or open items I have a start and end date, and I want to know how many orders were en-route at any given time.
overlapping time frames Given start and end dates for different trips find the trips which overlap one another for each consultant.
paths on a map Map the paths of shipping data on a map with data that has not been reshaped yet.  Each row has a start state and an end state.
crosstab with sparklines Build a crosstab with sparklines and bars at the end.
list dimensions in a single row For every city that has multiple states list the states comma separated in the same row.
trellis chart Create multiple columns from a single dimension – in this case create a 7x7 matrix of pie charts.
waterfall chart extended totals Create a waterfall chart by discrete year and month with all of the subtotals for each year extend all the way to the bottom of the axis.
count of leaving employees Count the number of employees that have left the company each year.  If the last record for an employee was in 2008 than they should be counted as leaving in 2009.
anti-derivative Find the area under a line (anti-derivative)
calculate slope and residuals Highlight the marks above and below the trend line.  This can be done in R or with calculated fields within Tableau.
correlation r squared Color each scatter plot by its correlation. This can be done using R or calculations.
distinct count over a range In the past sixth months how many customers have a record in the data.  For each month how many customers have had a record in the preceding six months.
sort dates by percentage difference Sort the dates in the view by the percentage difference from the previous date for a chosen category.  Which date in a category had the largest percentage difference?