average sales by order Show the average sales by order for each region.  Many orders have multiple items so we need to first sum the sales for each order, then take the average of those values.
numerical dates Convert the date 20070425 into a date format recognized/usable by Tableau.
split first and last names Separate customer names into first and last names as separate dimensions.  How do you account for middle names?
market basket Show the number of times each product category combination was purchased in unison by customers.
cascading hierarchies Set up action filters so that they are cascading and disappearing.  The view should start with just department and when I select a single department the categories for that department should appear, but not the items yet.  Also, the unselected departments should disappear with this selection.  The same thing should then happen as I select a category.
global filter Apply a filter across two data sources with the same dimension in a dashboard.
multiple kpi Create a score card with multiple measures (profit and sales) each with different color pallets.
histogram of number of orders Create a histogram of the number of customers who made 1, 2, 3 etc. orders.
profitable days per month How many days within each month have negative profit days versus positive profit days?
nested sorting and ranking Sort each item by sales within each region and filter down to the top N in each region.
top 10 per region Create a top ten conditional filter that will update the top ten based on the selection in a filter.
top 10 region and category Display the top 10 category/region combinations.
top 5 with unfiltered subtotals Show the top 5 items within each region so that the subtotals reflect the total of all the items in the region - not just the top 5.
bump chart Create a bump chart of sales by year and grouped by region.  The bump chart should rank sales descending and show the top ranked regions at the top of the y axis.
days between orders Find the number of days between each order date for each customer.  What are the average days between orders?
new max In a time series highlight the mark every time a new max is reached.
pareto chart Make a Pareto chart of sales and items
running sum restarting Create a running sum of sales over time allowing the user to designate a date for the running value to restart.
time series alignment Align all of the companies so that the first date for each company in the time series is the same.