I believe that people learn faster when they are challenged.

When I joined Tableau in 2013 as a Product Consultant I began to learn Tableau by being faced with customer challenges.  Some were easy, 'how do I create a map in Tableau' and some were not so easy, 'how do calculate a running sum restarting every 3rd month and only label the last value in the series etc. etc...  As I answered customer questions I began to notice patterns in the problems they were trying to solve that were fundamental to working with data.  In an effort to make my own life easier I started to build workbooks with sample data and step by step directions that walked people through the solutions to there data challenges.  After three years of customer questions I have developed a library of the most common challenges people run into when working with Tableau.  With this library I developed the Challenge Workbook.

By working through the challenge workbook you will learn the fundamental skills to take on any data problem with Tableau.  Try it out for free here.